Battlestar Galactica: So Say We All

battlestar galactica starship

Battlestar Galactica is a science fiction television show that premiered in 1978. Glen A. Larson can take credit as the show’s creator.

The show is set in a distant star system where a group of human colonies has been destroyed by a race of robots called Cylons. The only surviving battleship, the Galactica, sets out on a quest to find the mythical planet Earth, which is believed to be the last hope for humanity.

The show follows the journey of the Galactica and its crew, led by Commander Adama, as they encounter various challenges and obstacles on their way to Earth. Along the way, they are pursued by the Cylons, who are determined to destroy the last remnants of humanity.

Throughout the series, the crew of the Galactica must battle not only the Cylons but also internal conflicts and personal demons. The characters are well-developed and complex, with their own motivations and struggles. The show also explores themes of religion, politics, and morality, making it more than just a typical sci-fi adventure.

battlestar galactica main three characters as played by lorne greene richard hatch and dirk benedict


Battlestar Galactica is often classified as a space opera, a subgenre of science fiction that emphasizes dramatic storytelling and epic themes. The show’s focus on character development and moral ambiguity sets it apart from other space operas, which often rely on simplistic hero-villain dynamics.

Number of Seasons

Battlestar Galactica had a short-lived run, just one season. The season had 24 episodes. It was canceled for low ratings.

battlestar galactica cast lorne greene dirk benedict richard hatch


The show was a hit with audiences and was praised for its special effects, music, and production values. It was also criticized for its similarities to Star Wars, which was released a year earlier. Despite this, the show developed a cult following and was nominated for several awards, including an Emmy for Outstanding Costume Design.

Cast of Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica had a talented cast of actors who brought their characters to life in the show.

Richard HatchCaptain Apollo
Dirk BenedictLieutenant Starbuck
Lorne GreeneCommander Adama
Herbert Jefferson Jr.Lieutenant Boomer
Maren JensenLieutenant Athena

Captain Apollo, played by Richard Hatch, was a skilled warrior and the son of Commander Adama. He was a natural leader and often took charge in difficult situations. Lieutenant Starbuck, played by Dirk Benedict, was a charming and charismatic pilot who often found himself in trouble with the ladies. He was also a loyal friend to Apollo. You might remember Dirk Benedict in another classic TV series, The A-Team.

Commander Adama, played by Lorne Greene, was the wise and respected leader of the Galactica. He was a father figure to his crew and worked tirelessly to protect them from the Cylons. Lieutenant Boomer, played by Herbert Jefferson Jr., was a skilled pilot and an important member of the Galactica crew. He was also a close friend of Apollo and Starbuck. The well-respected Lorne Greene is instantly recognizable from his role as the patriarch in another popular classic series, Bonanza.

Lieutenant Athena, played by Maren Jensen, was a skilled warrior and pilot. She was also the daughter of Commander Adama and had a complicated relationship with Apollo.

Production and Development

Battlestar Galactica was created by Glen A. Larson and produced by Universal Television. The show was developed in response to the success of George Lucas’s Star Wars franchise. Larson pitched the idea of a space opera to Universal executives, and they quickly greenlit the project. After the towering success of Star Wars, it’s no surprise that the suits jumped at a chance to capitalize on the Star Wars juggernaut.

The show’s budget was one of the largest in television history at the time, with each episode costing around $1 million to produce. For context, that would be about $4.6 million per episode today. This high budget allowed for impressive special effects and elaborate sets, which helped to create the show’s immersive universe.

Despite its high production values, Battlestar Galactica faced criticism from some quarters for its similarities to Star Wars. Some accused the show of being a “rip-off” of the popular film franchise, while others praised it for its unique take on the space opera genre. We can’t say this is an unfair criticism because, as we noted above, the execs for this series were inspired by Star Wars.

Over the course of its run, Battlestar Galactica faced several challenges, including declining ratings and budget cuts. Despite these setbacks, the show remained popular among its dedicated fanbase, who appreciated its complex characters, intricate storylines, and impressive visual effects.

The show was eventually canceled due to low ratings. However, it was revived in 1980 as Galactica 1980, which followed the crew of the Galactica as they arrived on Earth in the year 1980. The revival was not as successful as the original series and was canceled after only 10 episodes.

Reception and Legacy of the Original Battlestar Galactica

When Battlestar Galactica first aired in 1978, it quickly gained a loyal following of fans who were drawn to the show’s epic space battles, complex characters, and thought-provoking themes. However, the show also faced criticism from some who felt that it was too derivative of Star Wars and lacked originality.

Despite the mixed reviews, Battlestar Galactica remained popular throughout its original run, and its legacy has continued to grow in the decades since. The show has been credited with influencing a number of other sci-fi franchises, including the rebooted Battlestar Galactica series that aired from 2004 to 2009.

In recent years, Battlestar Galactica has also gained a new generation of fans thanks to streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. The show’s themes of survival, loyalty, and the struggle between humanity and technology continue to resonate with audiences today.

Famous Quotes

Battlestar Galactica is known for its memorable quotes that have become iconic in pop culture. Here are a few of the most famous:

  • “So say we all” – This phrase is often used as a rallying cry by the crew of the Battlestar Galactica. It is typically said in unison to show solidarity and determination.
  • “All this has happened before, and all this will happen again” – This quote speaks to the cyclical nature of history and the idea that events will repeat themselves.

Theme Song

One of the most enduring aspects of the original Battlestar Galactica is its iconic theme music, composed by Stu Phillips. The theme has been covered by numerous artists and has become a beloved piece of pop culture history.