The Facts of Life: You Take The Good, You Take The Bad…

The beloved television show “The Facts of Life” premiered on August 24, 1979, and ran for nine seasons on NBC until May 7, 1988. The American sitcom followed a group of young girls as they navigated through adolescence and adulthood at the Eastland School for Girls.

facts of life season one cast

The show’s original cast consisted of Mrs. Garrett (Charlotte Rae) and four girls: Blair Warner (Lisa Whelchel), Jo Polniaczek (Nancy McKeon), Tootie Ramsey (Kim Fields), and Natalie Green (Mindy Cohn). The girls came from different backgrounds and personalities, but they all had to learn to live together and deal with the challenges of growing up. 

“The Facts of Life” tackled various topics relevant to young people at the time (and still today!), including peer pressure, dating, drug use, and sexuality. The show was praised for its honest portrayal of these issues and its strong female characters who were unafraid to speak their minds. Despite its cancellation in 1988, the show remains a beloved classic and continues to be watched by fans worldwide.

Creation and Development of The Facts of Life Television Show

The show was created by Dick Clair and Jenna McMahon and produced by Embassy Television (later Embassy Communications and ELP Communications) and TAT Communications Company. The idea for The Facts of Life came from a Diff’rent Strokes episode that featured Mrs. Garrett, the Drummond family’s housekeeper, taking a job as the housemother at a girls’ boarding school. The episode was well-received, and NBC executives decided to develop a spin-off series based on the concept.

The show was initially titled The Girls’ School, but the name was changed to The Facts of Life before the series premiered in August 1979. And honestly, can you even imagine the show called The Girls’ School rather than the perfectly titled The Facts of Life? Neither can we.

tootie and mrs garrett on the facts of life

The show’s premise was simple: Mrs. Garrett (played by Charlotte Rae) becomes the housemother at the fictional Eastland School, an all-girls boarding school in Peekskill, New York. She is responsible for a group of teenage girls who are roommates and classmates at the school. The show follows the girls as they navigate the challenges of adolescence and young adulthood. As you might imagine, that meant there was more than enough content to return to week after week.

Why Was Season One of The Facts of Life So Different?

The show’s first season was not a ratings success and in fact, was NBC’s lowest-rated show of that period, but NBC executives decided to give it another chance. They changed the show’s format and cast, and it began gaining popularity in its second season. 

Fans will remember how different season one looked from the subsequent seasons. The cast was much bigger, for one, with a large crew of young women featured each week. Blair was portrayed as more promiscuous and less pompous in season one, and Mrs. G had a less prominent role than she would later. 

The biggest difference in season one? No Jo Polniaczek! 

The changes definitely worked because the show’s popularity grew, becoming one of NBC’s most successful sitcoms of the 1980s.

The Facts of Life Cast

the facts of life cast

The cast underwent several changes throughout the show’s run, with new girls joining and others leaving. The main characters of the show remained the same (thankfully!) and they are:

  • Blair Warner (played by Lisa Whelchel) – a wealthy, popular girl who initially clashes with the other girls but eventually becomes their friend.
  • Jo Polniaczek (played by Nancy McKeon) – a tough, street-smart girl from the Bronx who is sent to Eastland after getting into trouble.
  • Tootie Ramsey (played by Kim Fields) – a young, bubbly girl who is the group’s youngest member and loves gossip.
  • Natalie Green (played by Mindy Cohn) is a smart, witty girl who is the school newspaper editor.
  • Mrs. Edna Garrett (played by Charlotte Rae) – the housemother of the girls’ dormitory who serves as a mentor and mother figure to the girls.

It’s no surprise that we think of these women as our Fab Five. We will dig into their character development later in this article.

Fun Fact: Nancy McKeon came from an acting family, with brother Phillip starring as Tommy Hyatt on Alice.

Famous Stars Who Appeared Early On In The Facts of Life

Molly Ringwald

Molly played the eponymous role of Molly Parker, an adorable young Eastland student in season one. Sadly, neither Molly made it through the show’s retooling for season two.

Helen Hunt

A very young but completely recognizable Helen Hunt appeared in the episode “Dope,” as the rebellious teen who tries to lure Blair and Sue Ann over to the dark side to smoke weed.

helen hunt on facts of life

David Spade

Funny man David Spade appeared in a final season episode called “Big Apple Blues,” as a Soho hipster. When Natalie makes a break for Manhattan, she crashes with Spade’s character and other boho pals.

Mayim Bialik

Before Blossom, The Big Bang Theory, and Jeopardy, an 11-year-old Mayim Bialik played Jennifer Cole in the final season. She was in the same episode as Juliette Lewis.

Eve Plumb

We’re beginning to think that Eve Plumb was typecast as the less flamboyant sister. First, she was Jan to Marcia, Marcia, Marcia on Brady Bunch; then she was Blaire’s sister (an actual sister as in nun!) in the two-part episode “The Best Sister.”

eve plumb on facts of life

Richard Grieco

Before there was 21 Jump Street, there was “Big Apple Blues” for handsome Richard Greico.

Juliette Lewis

Juliette Lewis appeared in the series finale, in which a new group of girls entered Eastland, which Blair was now running. This was another attempt at a spinoff jumping point that never came to be.

Richard Dean Anderson

Before he was MacGyver, Richard Dean Anderson was Tootie’s Uncle Brian in the episode “Brian and Sylvia.” Uncle Brian was married to Tootie’s Aunt Sylvie and their interracial marriage was designed for a spinoff of their own that never materialized. 

Seasons and Episodes

The Facts of Life series ran for nine seasons and produced 201 episodes (don’t miss our epic episode guide that describes every episode in six words or less). Here is a breakdown of each season:

SeasonEpisodesOriginal Air Date
Season 113August 24, 1979 – December 21, 1979
Season 222November 21, 1980 – May 6, 1981
Season 324September 30, 1981 – May 5, 1982
Season 424October 13, 1982 – May 4, 1983
Season 526September 28, 1983 – May 2, 1984
Season 626September 26, 1984 – May 1, 1985
Season 724September 18, 1985 – May 7, 1986
Season 824September 24, 1986 – May 6, 1987
Season 924September 22, 1987 – March 21, 1988

Ratings and Awards

The Facts of Life consistently ranked in the top 20 in Nielsen ratings during its first five seasons and remained in the top 30 for the remainder of its run. The show’s highest-rated episode was the two-part season four premiere, “Brave New World,” aired on September 27, 1982.

The show also received critical acclaim and was nominated for several Emmy Awards. Charlotte Rae, who played the beloved housemother, Edna Garrett, was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series twice, in 1982 and 1983. The show itself was nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series in 1983.

Behind the Scenes of The Facts of Life

Production and Filming

The show was filmed at the Universal Studios Hollywood backlot in California. The set consisted of a replica of the Eastland School, where the girls lived and attended school. The set was designed to look like a real school and included a cafeteria, dormitory, and classrooms.

set from the facts of life

If you’re like our writing team, you can close your eyes and picture the common area where the girls gathered to study and chat and the shared dorm room.

Challenges and Controversies

The Facts of Life faced several challenges and controversies during its nine-year run. One of the biggest challenges was the departure of several cast members. The show featured a large ensemble cast in the first season, but several actors left the show in subsequent seasons. The departure of key cast members led to changes in the show’s storylines and character development.

Another challenge the show faced was criticism for portraying sensitive issues such as abortion and homosexuality. The show tackled these issues in a way that was considered controversial at the time. Some viewers felt the show was too liberal in its approach to these topics, while others praised it for its progressive stance. Here at Television Hits, we are huge fans of how the show approached these issues.

In addition to these challenges, the show also faced controversy over its portrayal of race. The show featured a predominantly white cast, and some viewers felt that the show did not accurately represent the diversity of American society.

Jo Facts of Life: What Was It About Jo Polniaczek?

jo arrives on a motorcycle on facts of life

Let’s talk Jo Polniaczek, perfectly played by Nancy McKeon. Disclaimer: if this section sounds super fangirl, that is because it is. We here at Television Hits ADORE Jo. More on that later….

Jo first appeared in the initial episode of season two, arriving ceremoniously in a denim jacket on a motorcycle. That entrance set the stage for the Bronx-born tough girl, who was sent to Eastland by her mother to keep her out of trouble (we know how that turned out, lol). A Polish-American young woman with a strong NYC accent, Jo was the antithesis of the “typical” Eastland girl. She is a tomboy, doesn’t obsess about her looks, and works at a garage.

Jo’s very first night at Eastland included a trip to the Chug-A-Lug with Blair (and tag-alongs Natalie and Tootie!). The night ends poorly, with the girls responsible for damage to the school van, which puts them right in the kitchen for an unspecified amount of time to work off the debt.

Jo’s love life gets a lot of attention on the show, starting with her teenage boyfriend, Eddie, who is in the Navy and wants Jo to marry him. In between Eddie and Jo’s eventual husband, Rick Bonner, there were a lot of guys in her life.

Jo’s professional path takes here down the path of social worker, teacher, and finally, police detective. We think Jo would be an amazing police detective, great fit!

Now, on to the personal opinion and true confession of this piece. What was it about Jo Polniaczek? Why did her character spark the interest of so many fledgling lesbians? Because we fledglings saw in Jo what we knew (or were beginning to know) about ourselves. She was a little different from “other girls.” She was okay with that. While there was never any direct (or even indirect) suggestion that Jo was gay, we all felt it. At least, we hoped it was true. Because Jo, for many young women (including this writer at that age), was a heartthrob. So, thank you, Jo, for giving so many of us something to hope for!

jo then and now

The Irrepressible Tootie Ramsey, A Bundle of Energy on Roller Skates

tootie ramsey

The energetic Tootie Ramsey, played by Kim Fields, got a lot of laughs on the show. She was the youngest of the four main characters and very often appeared on screen in roller skates. The show’s producers were trying to make her look taller, as Fields was only ten years old when she was cast, and her character was supposed to be twelve. Tootie also wore braces for three years, by default, because Kim Fields was in braces for that period.

Tootie’s given name is Dorothy and she was born in Washington DC to parents Harrison and Diane, both of whom were lawyers. She had one brother, Marshall. Tootie was the only African-American actor that appeared regularly on The Facts of Life and race was explored in several episodes.

Tootie and Nat are best friends and often concoct schemes and plans that invariably result in disaster (and laughs). Tootie loves her gossip and often gets into trouble because of her penchant for sharing the scoop. This is where her classic Tootie catchphrase, “We’re in troub-le,” came from. Her flair for the dramatic led Tootie on the path to becoming an actress, and a very successful one at that.

natalie and tootie from facts of life

Kim Fields appeared as Tootie in several episodes of Diff’rent Strokes.

Did you know Tootie was part of virtually every storyline during the nine-year series? 

tootie then and now

Natalie Green, Who Wouldn’t Want To Be Her Best Pal?

natalie from facts

Natalie Letisha Sage Green, masterfully played by Mindy Cohn, was a super-appealing character. She had it all: sharp wit, super smarts, confidence, a great sense of humor, and a passion for writing. “Nat” was Jewish (as is Mindy), from New York City, and lived with her adoptive parents, Dr. and Mrs. Greene. She was devastated when her father died unexpectedly.  

Natalie’s best pal was Tootie Ramsey and the two paired well together, despite occasional spats. Natalie was a born writer, writing first for the Eastland school newspaper and later for the Peekskill paper. Her writing career eventually took her to New York City.

One of Natalie’s best-known episodes is “The First Time,” in which she becomes the first of the four main characters to lose her virginity. Interesting side note, that episode was written for Blair, but Lisa Whelchel refused to participate in the episode at all, the only episode in nine years that Lisa missed.

Mindy Cohn appeared as Natalie in several episodes of Diff’rent Strokes.

One-half of our writing team here at Television Hits said Natalie was their favorite Facts of Life character!

natalie then and now

Blair Warner, the Archetype for Boarding School Girls

blair warner facts of life

It’s hard to think of The Facts of Life without calling to mind Blair Warner, played by Lisa Whelchel. Blair captured the perhaps stereotypical persona of a prep school “snob.” She was rich, beautiful, entitled, and vain. However, she was also smart, funny, caring, and a good friend.

Blair’s family money came from her father’s massively successful Warner Textile Mills. She is, as she often reminds the crew, “an heiress.” Blair’s family includes her father, David Warner; her mother, Monica Warner; her half-sister, Bailey Warner; her step-sister, Megan Warner; and her cousin, Geri.

Blair had a go-to catchphrase, “I just had another brilliant idea.” Another common refrain was a weary “Jo, Jo, Jo” when she was lecturing her pal.

Speaking of Jo, Jo and Blair’s long-running friendly (ish) feud was a focal point of the entire series. Much was made of the stark differences in their personalities and background in the early seasons, but they grew closer over the years.

Blair dated a LOT during her time at Eastland, but ultimately married Tad Warner (no relation, lol), another rich kid from a rich family of hoteliers. Blair’s final episode (and the final episode of the series) has a satisfying conclusion when she becomes headmistress of the believed Eastland School. Now that is brilliant!

blair then and now

Fun Fact: Lisa Whelchel competed in Season 25 of Survivor: Philippines. She did very well, making it to the top three in the final Tribal Council. We were all rooting for her to be the Sole Survivor!

Mrs. G from Facts of Life: Can You Be Our Mom, Too?

Edna Garrett, played by the late great Charlotte Rae, was the conduit from Diff’rent Strokes to The Facts of Life. Moving from the Drummond household, where she was the housekeeper/quasi-mother figure to the housemother (and later dietician) at Eastland, she definitely had the mom vibe going.

She was tough when she needed to be but always kind and caring. She loved the girls as if they were her own, even if, at times, they absolutely exasperated her. So, a little about Edna…

Edna Garrett was known affectionately as Mrs. G. to her charges. She came from a big family in Appleton, Wisconsin and was twice married. Her first marriage ended in divorce and her second marriage left her a widow.

the facts of life season one

mrs garrett then and now

Notable Facts of Life Recurring Characters and Guest Stars

George Burnett

The handyman George Burnett was played by none other than a very young George Clooney. Clooney appeared in 17 episodes in the seventh and eighth seasons. 

george clooney on facts of life

Cousin Geri

Comedian and actress Geri Jewell played Blair’s cousin Geri in 12 episodes. She inspired many and was the first recurring actor on a television series with a visible disability. 

cousin geri

Beverly Ann Stickell

The fantastic Cloris Leachman stepped in as Mrs. Garrett’s sister, Beverly Ann, when Mrs. G. decided to join the Peace Corps and move to Africa after season seven.

beverly ann facts of life

Andy Moffett

Mackenzie Astin played young Andy Moffett, a child in the foster system who worked at Edna’s Edibles. When Andy’s foster parents later divorced, Beverly Ann adopted him.

Mr. Bradley

John Lawlor played season one’s Steven Bradley, the school’s headmaster. Like many other cast members, Mr. Bradley did not make it to season two. 

Kelly Affinado

Pamela Adlon played Kelly Affinado (credited as Pamela Segal), a short-lived character who had a rough start with the gang. She was caught shoplifting at Edna’s Edibles and later devised an extortion plot that Jo shut down. Kelly turned it all around, later becoming a newspaper vendor and doing the right thing.

The Facts of Life Theme Song

The show’s theme song, “You Take the Good, You Take the Bad,” is absolutely one of the most recognizable tunes of the 70s. We are sure our readers can belt out that iconic tune on demand; we sure can! 

This beauty was written by Alan Thicke (yes, the same Alan Thicke who starred in “Growing Pains”) and his then-wife, Gloria Loring, and composer Al Burton. Loring sang the theme song and she definitely belted it out, making for an unforgettable anthem.

The Facts of Life Song Lyrics

You take the good

You take the bad

You take them both and there you have the facts of life

The facts of life

There’s a time you got to go

And show you’re growin’

Now you know about the facts of life

The facts of life

When the world never seems

To be living up to your dreams

Then suddenly you’re finding out

The facts of life are all about you, you

When there’s someone that you care about

It really isn’t fair, they’re out to slow you up

When you’re growing up

When you let them flirt and then you hurt waiting

‘Cause your date is late in showing up

Then you’re growin’ up

When it’s more than just the birds and the bees

You need someone telling you please

There’s only one conclusion

There will always be confusion over you, you, you

It takes a lot to get all ’em right

When you’re learning them all facts of life

You’ll avoid a lot of damage

And enjoy the fun of managing the facts of life

They shed a lot of light

If you hear ’em from your brother

Better clear ’em with your mother

Better get ’em right

Call her late at night

You got the future in the palm of your hand

Now all you gotta do to get you through is understand

You think you’d rather do without

You’ll never muddle through without the truth

The facts of life are all about you

Learn all the facts of life

All about you, you, you

They’re all about you

Oh, things about the facts of life

You’re never gonna learn them in just one night

Oh, things about facts of life

Oh, they’re all about you

Oh, things about facts of life

You’re never gonna learn them in just one night

Oh, things about facts of life

They’re all about you, all about you

Source: Musixmatch

Songwriters: Al Burton, Gloria Loring, Alan Thicke

The Facts of Life lyrics © Emi Belfast Music, Inc.

Best The Facts of Life Episodes

The show tackled a variety of issues that were relevant to teenagers at the time, such as peer pressure, self-esteem, relationships, family issues, schoolwork pressure, social pressure, dating, drugs, and sex. It also addressed more serious topics, such as eating disorders, sexual assault, and teen pregnancy.

Long list, right? 

We take a deeper dive to identify great episodes that handled each topic. Take a look.

  • Sex: “The First Time” was the classic episode about sex and losing one’s virginity.
  • Dating: Jo’s relationship with her boyfriend is threatened when she falls for another guy in “Sweet Sorrow.”
  • Drugs: In “Dope,” Blair and Sue Ann navigate their friends’ use of marijuana.
  • Family issues: Jo’s father wins the lottery and showers her with money instead of the attention from him that she wants in “Big Time Charlie.”
  • Social pressure: Jo attends a country club cotillion with a friend of Blair’s in “Double Standard.”
  • Prejudice: Tootie’s boyfriend questions her white friends’ motive in “Who Am I?”
  • Death: Natalie’s father dies suddenly in “A Death in the Family.”
  • Suicide: Jo’s co-worker considers suicide in “On the Edge.”
  • Divorce: In “Molly’s Holiday,” the girls devise a plan to reunite Molly’s divorcing parents.
  • Teen pregnancy
  • Relationships: Jo’s old boyfriend shows up on campus and the two plan to marry in “Teenage Marriage.”
  • Schoolwork pressure: Tootie stirs things up by revealing the girls’ IQ scores in “I.Q.”
  • Eating disorders: Sue Ann goes on a crash diet in “Dieting.”
  • Adoption: In “Adoption,” Natalie searches for her birth mother. A later episode, “Dearest Mommie,” revisits the issue.
  • Sexual assault: Natalie is attacked when returning from a party in “Fear Strikes Back.”

Even looking back more than 40 years later, the show wins high marks for its honest and realistic portrayal of these topics.

But Facts wasn’t always heavy on the subject matter. There were plenty of light-hearted, funny episodes as well. Some of our favorites include:

  • “The New Girl”
  • “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?”
  • “The Marriage Brokers”
  • “From Russia With Love”
  • “Bought and Sold”
  • “The Four Musketeers”

We could go on and on with fave episodes, but we’ll leave it here for now. Check out our gigantic Episode Guide for a six-word synopsis of every single episode.

Spin-offs and Reboots

The show’s popularity led to several spin-offs, including “The Facts of Life Goes to Paris” and “The Facts of Life Down Under.”

facts of life go to paris

Over the years, there have been several attempts to revive the show. In 2001, ABC aired a made-for-TV movie called The Facts of Life Reunion, which reunited the original cast members. In 2007, a pilot for a new version of the show was produced, but it was never picked up.

The Facts of Life Live

The Facts of Life was featured on one of Jimmy Kimmel’s series of live reunion shows recreating classic television shows. Diff’rent Strokes, Good Times, and All in the Family preceded The Facts of Life’s star turn.

The Facts of Life Live aired on December 7, 2021 and featured a star-studded cast. Jennifer Aniston played Blair Warner, Kathryn Hahn played Jo Polniaczek, Gabrielle Union was Tootie, Allison Tolman was Natalie Green, and the talented Kathleen Dowd played Mrs. Garrett. 

If you missed the original showing, check out the ABC site and give it a watch, it’s definitely worth the time.

Cultural Impact and Legacy

The Facts of Life had a significant cultural impact during its run and continues to have a lasting legacy in television. The show tackled various important issues, including bullying, drug use, and teen pregnancy, which were not often addressed in other programs at the time. The show also provided a rare opportunity for young women to see themselves represented on screen in a positive and empowering way.


Another legacy of The Facts of Life is its impact on fashion. The show’s characters were known for their distinctive style, which included oversized sweaters, high-waisted jeans, and colorful accessories. This fashion trend became known as “preppy” and was popularized by the show’s young audience.

Launchpad for Great Actors

The show’s impact can also be seen in the careers of its cast members. Many of the show’s stars went on to have successful careers in Hollywood and beyond. Kim Fields, who played Tootie Ramsey, is still acting today, Lisa Whelchel, who played Blair, became a best-selling author and Christian speaker and Mindy Cohn, who played Natalie, became a successful voice actress and television host. 

blair and natalie

And George Clooney, who played a recurring character on the show, of course, became one of Hollywood’s most successful actors.


The Facts of Life has been recognized numerous times. Charlotte Rae received an Emmy nomination for Best Actress in 1982. Four years later, the series was nominated for a technical Emmy in 1986. One year after that, it was nominated for another technical Emmy for the episode “62 Pickup.”

The Facts of  Life received its highest accolade when honored with the 2011 pop culture icon award TVLand award.

Fan Base

The Facts of Life has a dedicated fan base that has kept the show alive long after it left the air. Fans have created websites, blogs, and social media pages dedicated to the show, where they share their favorite moments, trivia, and behind-the-scenes information.

The show’s fans have also organized conventions and meetups to meet the cast members and other fans in person. These events have become a way for fans to connect and share their love of the show.


The Facts of Life has inspired various merchandise, from t-shirts and mugs to action figures and board games. Fans can purchase official merchandise from the show’s website or other retailers.

In addition to official merchandise, fans have created custom items, such as fan art, jewelry, and clothing. These items are often sold on sites like Etsy and eBay and are popular among fans who want to show their love for the show uniquely.

Summing Up The Facts of Life

Overall, The Facts of Life remains a beloved and influential television show that continues to inspire and entertain audiences worldwide. We here at Television Hits count this among our very top shows!

Where To Watch The Facts of Life

You can watch this classic for free on Tubi. You can also watch by renting or buying on Amazon Video or iTunes.

facts of life christmas show

The Facts of Life FAQs

Who was Trudy on The Facts of Life?

We get this question all of the time. We were perplexed at first until we figured out why. Many, many viewers thought they were hearing “Trudy” when they were actually hearing “Tootie.” Mystery solved!

Who was Nancy on The Facts of Life?

Nancy Olson was a student at the Eastland School in the first season. She was portrayed by Felice Schachter and appeared on Diff’rent Strokes prior to her episodes on Facts. Nancy was a well-rounded student known for her hours-long phone calls to her never-seen boyfriend, Roger Butler. 

Who was Cindy on The Facts of Life?

Cindy Webster, played by Julie Ann Haddock, was featured in season one of Facts and also appeared in one episode of Diff’rent Strokes.

Cindy, a “tomboy,” was the focus of the series’ first episode, “Rough Housing,” in which it was implied that she was a lesbian. While even mentioning lesbianism during that period was unusual, time has shown that the show missed an opportunity to properly treat the issue. Instead of providing a positive and accepting environment for lesbians, the show offered an easy out by making Cindy become attracted to a boy at the episode’s end.

Who Was Mrs. Mahoney on The Facts of Life?

If you don’t remember the name Mrs. Mahoney, you can’t be blamed. Mrs. Mahoney, played by Jenny O’Hara, was the common-sense Eastland teacher who appeared in a mere four episodes.

Who was Carl on The Facts of Life?

Dan Frischman played Carl “Rocky” Price in the episode “Kids Can Be Cruel.” Carl’s fellow Bates classmates bullied Carl because of his severe acne. The episode is somewhat painful to watch even years later because of the mean-spirited “slam book” in which Bates and Eastland students make brutal comments about various students, the merciless bullying Carl endures, and Natalie’s cruel prank of setting up Blair with Carl.

The Facts of Life Ultimate Season by Season Episode Guide: Every Episode Summed Up In Six Words or Less!

facts of life cast

Season One

Episode 1: Rough Housing

Cindy and Blair compete in pageant.

Episode 2: Like Mother, Like Daughter 

Blair’s mother runs into old beau.

Episode 3: The Return of Mr. Garrett

Edna’s ex proposes … again.

Episode 4: I.Q.

Tootie reveals the girls’ IQ scores.

Episode 5: Overachieving

Tootie’s father wants her to return home.

Episode 6: Emily Dickinson

Blair’s plan jeopardizes Eastland’s reputation.

Episode 7: Dieting

Sue Ann goes on an extreme diet.

Episode 8: The Facts of Love

Blair practices her sex education knowledge.

Episode 9: Flash Flood

Mr. Bradley performs a flood rescue.

Episode 10: Adoption

Natalie seeks her biological mother.

Episode 11: Running

Mr. Bradley tries to keep championship title.

Episode 12:  Molly’s Holiday

The gang tries reconciling divorcing parents.

Episode 13: Dope

The girls’ friends smoke pot.

Season Two

Episode 1: The New Girl Part 1

Jo arrives at Eastland!

Episode 2: The New Girl Part 2

Mrs. G’s plan results in expulsion.

Episode 3: Double Standard

Jo attends a country club cotillion.

Episode 4: Who Am I?

Tootie’s boyfriend raises doubts about racism.

Episode 5: Cousin Geri

Blair’s cousin Geri arrives at Eastland.

Episode 6: Shoplifting

Jo five-finger-discounts a gift for Edna.

Episode 7: Teenage Marriage Part 1

Jo’s old beau proposes marriage.

Episode 8: Teenage Marriage Part 2

The girls try to delay Jo’s marriage.

Episode 9: Gossip

Tootie’s gossip jeopardizes Mrs. G’s job.

Episode 10: Breaking Point

Blair’s student council competitor is struggling. 

Episode 11: Sex Symbol

Natalie’s first day goes wayward.

Episode 12: The Secret

Jo keeps her dad’s past secret.

Episode 13: Bought and Sold

Blair sells cosmetics to Tootie.

Episode 14: Pretty Babies

Fashion photog seeks covergirl at Eastland.

Episode 15: Free Spirit

Mrs. Garrett’s adult son interests Natalie.

Episode 16: Brian and Sylvia

Visit to Tootie’s aunt and uncle.

Season Three

Episode 1: Growing Pains

Tootie tires of little girl treatment. 

Episode 2: Fear Strikes Back

Natalie is attacked after a party.

Episode 3: Baby in the House

Former Eastlander visits with her baby.

Episode 4: A Friend in Deed

Blair discovers her mother is ill.

Episode 5: Front Page

Jo seeks revenge through newspaper article.

Episode 6: Give and Take

Mrs. G. has money problems.

Episode 7: Sweet Sorrow

Jo has two love interests.

Episode 8: From Russia With Love

Grandmother’s visit ruins Natalie’s weekend plans.

Episode 9: Dear Me

Tootie worries about co-ed camping trip.

Episode 10: Cousin Geri Returns

Blair worries about Geri’s date’s motives.

Episode 11: Legacy

Blair earmarks her inheritance for Eastland.

Episode 12: Green-Eyed Monster

Natalie desperately wants school play lead.

Episode 13: The Americanization of Miko

Jo meets an international student.

Episode 14: The Marriage Brokers

Blair investigates Mrs. G’’s new boyfriend.

Episode 15: Starstruck

Tootie meets her obsession, Jermaine Jackson.

Episode 16: The Four Musketeers

The girls consider their continued cohabitation.

Episode 17: The Affair

Blair sees father with another woman.

Episode 18: Runaway

Tootie goes to NYC without supervision.

Episode 19: New York, New York

Blair and Jo’s fighting escalates.

Episode 20: Kids Can Be Cruel

Natalie’s revenge ensnares innocent bystander Carl.

Episode 21:  Mind Your Own Business

Blair battles for privacy rights.

Episode 22: The Academy

Blair dates cadet who is delinquent.

Episode 23: Jo’s Cousin

Cousin wants treated like a girl.

Episode 24:  Read No Evil

Book banning strikes Eastland.

Season Four

Episode 1: Ain’t Miss Beholden

Jo’s scholarship money is running out.

Episode 2: The Source

Natalie refuses to reveal her source. 

Episode 3: The Sound of Silence

Tootie is losing her hearing.

Episode 4: The Oldest Living Graduate 

Eastland’s oldest graduate fixates on Jo.

Episode 5: Different Drummer

Blair tutors a differently-abled student.

Episode 6: Dearest Mommie

Natalie seeks her biological mother.

Episode 7: A Woman’s Place

Jo faces dilemma at work.

Episode 8: Daddy’s Girl

Blair’s dad’s tax problems implicate Blair.

Episode 9: The Academy II

Natalie unwittingly enters cadet’s family feud.

Episode 10: For the Asking

Natalie boycotts a school dance.

Episode 11: September Song

Mrs. Garrett receives a marriage proposal.

Episode 12: A Royal Pain

New student is royalty and runaway.

Episode 13: Magnificent Obsession

Blair’s dating behavior threatens her self-respect.

Episode 14: Under Pressure

The girls reduce Mrs. Garrett’s stress levels.

Episode 15: Teacher’s Pet

Jo’s favorite teacher is leaving Eastland.

Episode 16: Let’s Party

Girls learn lesson partying with college guys.

Episode 17: Best Sister Part 1

Blair’s sister decides to become nun.

Episode 18: Best Sister Part 2

Jo also wants to become nun.

Episode 19: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Edna attempts to entertain French visitors.

Episode 20: Who’s On First

Tootie left out when Natalie dates.

Episode 21: Help From Home

Jo may quit school to work.

Episode 22: Take My Finals, Please

The girls pull an all-nighter.

Episode 23: Graduation Part 1

Blair and Jo poo-poo their graduation.

Episode 24:  Graduation Part 2

Blair/Jo realize what they’ve learned.

Season Five

Episode 1: Brave New World Part 1

Edna is furious, Jo faces expulsion.

Episode 2: Brave New World Part 2

Mrs. G’s new job causes issues.

Episode 3: Gamma Gamma or Bust

Blair fires the caterer, Mrs. Garrett!

Episode 4: Just My Bill

Jo’s new beau is rich.

Episode 5: What Price Glory

Tootie’s college-bound beau can’t read.

Episode 6: The Halloween Show

Edna’s customer disappears on Halloween.

Episode 7: Advance Placement

Natalie gloats about college class enrollment. 

Episode 8: I’m Dancing As Fast As I Can

Edna visits strip bar on birthday.

Episode 9: Small But Dangerous

Gang gets tricked by street kid.

Episode 10: Store Games

Edna’s Edibles is in financial trouble.

Episode 11: The Second Time Around

Jo tries to reunite her parents.

Episode 12: The Christmas Letter

Blair tries to give Jo money.

Episode 13: The Chain Letter

Girls’ sloppiness threatens Edna’s Edibles’ survival.

Episode 14: Next Door

Little boy won’t leave during evacuation.

Episode 15: Crossing the Line

Natalie dates Tootie’s cousin, causing trouble.

Episode 16: All or Nothing

Jo is elected to Regents Board.

Episode 17: A Death in the Family

Natalie’s dad dies suddenly. 

Episode 18: Big Fish, Little Fish

Blair annoyed at Jo’s rising popularity. 

Episode 19: Star at Langley

Blair’s boyfriend moons over movie star.

Episode 20: Dream Marriage

Blair imagines the future.

Episode 21: Mother and Daughter

Tootie and her mom can’t communicate. 

Episode 22: All By Herself

Blair takes Geri’s planning responsibilities away.

Episode 23: Seems Like Old Times

Jo’s old boyfriend shows up unexpectedly. 

Episode 24: Joint Custody

Edna’s son’s shaky marriage threatens store. 

Episode 25: The Way We Were Part 1

Girls reflect on school year ending.

Episode 26: The Way We Were Part 2

Jo and Blair’s feud needs intervention. 

Season Six

Episode 1: The Summer of ‘84

The girls share their summer exploits.

Episode 2: Slices of Life

Jo’s pizza business thrives.

Episode 3: Love at First Byte

Natalie writes paper about computer dating.

Episode 4: My Boyfriend’s Back

Tootie wants her boyfriend’s acceptance.

Episode 5: Cruisin’

Girls cruise Peekskill for Mr. Right.

Episode 6: Taking A Chance On Love Part 1

Jo dates her college photography professor.

Episode 7: Taking A Chance On Love Part 2

Jo’s relationship with professor gets serious.

Episode 8: E.G.O.C. (Edna Garrett on Campus)

Edna joins Blair and Jo’s college class.

Episode 9: Dear Apple

School computer advises Jo and Blair.

Episode 10: Talk, Talk, Talk

Jo hosts a 5-hour radio show.

Episode 11: Smile

Natalie’s big break threatens her relationship.

Episode 12: The Rich Aren’t Different

Jo breaks Blair’s watch.

Episode 13: Christmas In the Big House

Girls present Christmas show at orphanage.

Episode 14: Me and Eleanor

Tootie seeks Natalie’s opinion on her writing

Episode 15: Working it Out

Gang worries about Blair’s obsessive dating.

Episode 16: Jazzbeau

Tootie and Natalie recall meeting jazz singer.

Episode 17: Two Guys From Appleton

Edna’s high school boyfriend returns.

Episode 18: With A Little Help From My Friends

Blair’s boyfriend may be using drugs.

Episode 19: Gone With the Wind Part 1

Girls enjoy spring break in Florida.

Episode 20: Gone With the Wind Part 2

Love blooms on spring break.

Episode 21: A Man In The Attic

Edna offers Kevin an attic room.

Episode 22: The Last Drive-In

The girls enjoy drive-in’s last night.

Episode 23: Sisters

Jo’s dad and Blair’s mom date.

Episode 24:  It’s Lonely At the Top

Blair manages shop during Edna’s absence.

Episode 25: Bus Stop

Natalie has a surprise college announcement.

Episode 26: The Interview Show

Former Eastlander interviews gang for novel.

Season Seven

Episode 1: Out of The Fire

Edna’s Edibles is destroyed in fire.

Episode 2: Into The Frying Pan

Contractor George Burnett (Clooney!) starts rebuilding.

Episode 3: Grand Opening

Snafus abound during grand opening day.

Episode 4: Teacher, Teacher

Jo decides between two job offers.

Episode 5: Men For All Seasons

Bates Boys beefcake calendar causes uproar.

Episode 6: A New Life

Blair’s mom is pregnant.

Episode 7: Doo-Wah

Andy enters the girls in band contest.

Episode 8: Come Back to the Truck Stop, Natalie Green, Natalie Green

Nat’s musical fantasy at a truckstop. 

Episode 9: Born Too Late

Andy has a crush on Tootie.

Episode 10: 3, 2, 1

Blair and Jo stage a live newscast.

Episode 11: We Get Letters

Edna’s friend accuses her of betrayal. 

Episode 12: Ballroom Dance

Jo takes secret dance lessons.

Episode 13: Christmas Baby

Blair serves as mom’s birthing coach.

Episode 14: Tootie Drives

Tootie prepares for driver’s test.

Episode 15: Stake-Out Blues

Police stake out Edna’s Edibles.

Episode 16: The Agent

Tootie acts as agent for campus comic.

Episode 17: The Reunion

Jo poses as George’s fiancee.

Episode 18: Concentration

Blair is trapped in an elevator.

Episode 19: Atlantic City

The girls travel to Atlantic City.

Episode 20: The Lady Who Came to Dinner

Unexpected guest at Blair’s birthday dinner.

Episode 21: The Candidate

Natalie runs for mayor of Peekskill.

Episode 22: Big Time Charlie

Jo’s dad wins big in stocks.

Episode 23: The Graduate

Tootie focuses on auditioning, not graduation.

Episode 24:  The Apartment

Natalie and Tootie move into apartment.

Season Eight

Episode 1: Out of Peekskill Part 1

Edna’s choice: Peekskill or Africa?

Episode 2: Out of Peekskill Part 2

Mrs. G. moves to Africa.

Episode 3: Ready Or Not

Tootie and her boyfriend get serious.

Episode 4: Another Room

Jo struggles to pay renovation costs.

Episode 5: Off Broadway Baby

Tootie undermines her audition competition.

Episode 6: The Little Chill

Reunion sparks discussion of the future.

Episode 7: The Ratings Game

Jo throws off computer dating service.

Episode 8: Wedding Day

Jo considers marrying to help deportee.

Episode 9: Fast Food

Blair works retail for business degree.

Episode 10: Where’s Poppa?

Blair’s dad is indicted.

Episode 11: Write or Wrong

Mystery writer plagiarizes Nat’s work.

Episode 12: Seven Little Indians

Tootie has nightmare after scary movie.

Episode 13: The Greek Connection

Natalie’s article infuriates sorority pledge Tootie.

Episode 14: Post-Christmas Card

Natalie overdoes it with credit card.

Episode 15: A Star is Torn

Tootoe and gang support young singer.

Episode 16: A Winter’s Tale

Gang double-books into men’s hotel room.

Episode 17: Cupid’s Revenge

Old loves appear for everyone.

Episode 18: 62 Pickup

The gang relives the 60s with Fabian.

Episode 19: Boy About the House

Beverly Ann tries to adopt Andy.

Episode 20: Ex Marks the Spot

Beverly Ann’s ex wants to reunite.

Episode 21: Younger Than Springtime

Blair pairs Charlie with younger girl.

Episode 22: This Is Only A Test

Blair must test into law school.

Episode 23: Rites of Passage Part 1

Jo’s Polish grandfather attends her graduation.

Episode 24:  Rites of Passage Part 2

The girls make vacation plans.

Season Nine

Episode 1: Down and Out in Malibu Part 1

Jo struggles financially in California. 

Episode 2: Down and Out in Malibu Part 2

Actor has trespassers (and Jo!) arrested.

Episode 3: Rumor Has It

Blair quits law school after rumors.

Episode 4: Before the Fall

Natalie embeds as an ROTC cadet.

Episode 5: Sweet Charity

Jo saves her social worker job.

Episode 6: Up From Down Under

Visitor says he is from Australia.

Episode 7: The More the Marrier

Tootie gives boyfriend an ultimatum.

Episode 8: A Rose By Any Other Age

Blair’s classmate falls for Beverly Ann.

Episode 9: Adventures in Babysitting

Blair babysits her little sister.

Episode 10: It’s A Wonderful Christmas

Beverly experiences “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Episode 11: Golden Oldies

Girls imagine themselves in 40 years.

Episode 12:  A Thousand Frowns

Andy meets man from the shelter.

Episode 13: Something in Common

Jo’s dad dislikes her irresponsible boyfriend.

Episode 14: Peekskill Law

Blair’s law clerk assignment is scandalous.

Episode 15: A House Divided

Nat and Tootie’s dates don’t jibe.

Episode 16: The First Time

Natalie loses her virginity.

Episode 17: Let’s Face the Music

The girls get unsuccessful beauty makeovers.

Episode 18: Less Than Perfect

Blair is scarred in car accident.

Episode 19: Till Marriage Do Us Part

Jo and Blair receive interesting proposals.

Episode 20: Present Imperfect

Tootie ruins Jeff’s family heirloom.

Episode 21: On The Edge

Jo’s co-worker threatens suicide.

Episode 22: Big Apple Blues

Natalie goes to NYC, for good.

Episode 23: The Beginning of the End

Blair saves Eastland from bankruptcy.

Episode 24:  The Beginning of the Beginning

Blair becomes Eastland’s headmistress