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Dynasty: More Than Just Catfights and Shoulder Pads

“Dynasty” is a popular American prime-time television soap opera that premiered in 1981. The show is set in Denver, Colorado, and follows the lives of the wealthy Carrington family as they navigate their personal and professional relationships and deal with … Read More

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Falcon Crest: Still A Classic Vintage

Falcon Crest is a classic American prime-time soap opera that aired from 1981 to 1990. The show was set in the fictional Tuscany Valley of California and revolved around the lives of the wealthy Gioberti family, who owned and operated … Read More

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Dallas: More Than Just “Who Shot J.R.?”

The television show “Dallas” first premiered in 1978 and became an iconic American prime-time soap opera. With 14 seasons and 357 episodes, the series chronicled the lives and scandals of the wealthy Ewing family, who made their fortune in the … Read More

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The White Shadow: Put Me In, Coach Reeves!

The White Shadow is an American television drama series that aired on CBS from November 1978 to March 1981. The show revolves around Ken Reeves, a former NBA player who becomes a basketball coach at an inner-city high school in … Read More